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In 2013, with a background in pharmaceuticals, our founder, Mat, began researching and fact-checking all of the skepticism surrounding hemp as a source of natural treatment or relief for cancer, arthritis, anxiety, sleep, and other ailments. He soon gathered a team of professionals who, with collective background in pharmaceuticals, were able to aid in his research.

Our research led us on a journey of discovery. On this journey, we came to recognize the potential benefits hemp carries for several conditions. Many peer-reviewed scientific papers evidenced the therapeutic benefits of hemp. Due to the federal government’s classification of hemp as a schedule 1 substance, most research had been carried out overseas in places like Israel and Europe. Early studies on animals were promising, leading to effective human clinical results for the treatment of epilepsy and pain, both with and without Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Concurrent with our rising excitement about hemp, the 2014 Farm Bill was approved. This allowed research and limited commercial production of hemp products. As commercial products began to appear, we couldn’t help but notice that inconsistencies in farming practices, hemp handling, and manufacturing processes often provided unbalanced formulations.

The hemp market was flooded with substandard products.

Much of the initial concern regarding low-quality products seemed to be over the lack of hemp potency. The FDA randomly tested hemp tinctures and found that the majority were grossly under the stated concentration of hemp. In fact, some contain no hemp at all. Others confused Hemp Seed Oil, which does not contain hemp, with true hemp extract from the hemp flower, which is the only source of hemp. While the lack of potency concerned us, we were fearful of the potential for serious harm caused by contamination with pesticides, residual extraction solvents, and fungus derived toxins (aflatoxins)--not to mention our concerns about the general lack of documentation, processing controls, and adequate testing (cGMP). Put simply, we were truly alarmed. We found our calling! And, Redeem was formed.


Redeem Therapeutics is focused on creating extremely effective and trustworthy hemp to improve health and wellbeing. All of our products are crafted from seed to sale in the Carolinas. Using USDA certified Organic hemp grown on a small farm in North Carolina, and highly controlled processes in our South Carolina manufacturing facility, we continue to grow our line of products as we see the industry needs it. As of now we have chosen to focus on Hemp Topicals & Tinctures because studies have shown that these are the most effective ways to take your hemp for relief from various pains and ailments.

The Redeem™ Promise

Using pharmacy-grade control processes, cGMP and 3rd party lab testing, we guarantee a safe, effective product made with transparency, consistency, and balance every single time! 

Optimal Spectrum™
Our Optimal Spectrum™ hemp oil is a "cut above" the rest. When variance in nature causes concentrations to fall short, we redeem the solution with natural compounds to deliver safe & consistent hemp products - meaning you get the same hemp product each time. ​​​​​​Every Redeem™ product is made of a consistent formula that is rich in natural compounds of the hemp plant for a full entourage effect.

Pharma-Grade Hemp
Redeem™ adheres to cGMP, Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, utilizing audits, process validation, and cleanliness controls to produce an impeccable product. Our unique perspective is formed by the scientific discipline of more than 60 years in the pharma-industry and our intuitive understanding, passion, and experiences with natural remedies.

Third-Party Tested & Certified
After multiple in-houses tests have been done, an independent lab analyzes the hemp we extract as well as finished manufactured products for chemical makeup, potency and the presence of unsafe contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. We, in turn, provide the end-user with a direct link to the results of the tests performed on the product. Our transparency is essential to our success.

Wholesale + White & Private Label Hemp Manufacturing

Call us today if you're interested in any of these options. (803) 736-3577

Looking to stock your retail space with the #1 Hemp Oil Spray Tincture, hemp Oil for Pets and hemp Topicals crafted in the Carolinas? Contact us directly for hemp wholesale pricing info.

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Redeem™ Therapeutics is more than a Hemp Manufacturer. Grow with Redeem is our White & Private Label Program. We specialize in partnering with clients to develop top-quality white label and private label hemp products. We offer help in developing new hemp products, product packaging, bottling services and more.

Your brand idea in combination with our proven products and formulations is the quickest and most cost-effective way to enter the hemp market. If our formula isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, our scientists can collaborate with your team to develop a proprietary hemp formula that suits your brand and meets your unique market niche.

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